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Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome EntreCard Users!

Here is where I'll place my favorite friends at EC. But if you want to be my friend too, drop an ec and your buttons here too! I will surely visit you!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Plug Your Blog Here For Free!

Yes, you read it right! This will serve as my page for all my favorite links, banners, badges and YOU can also place your own banners here for free!

If you wish to have a permanent link, there will also be paid spaces where your link will stay for ONLY a minimum of $1.

But while this is not yet in place, all links found here are posted for free! So grab this opportunity to advertise your sites with no cost at all!

Please read the Rules and Conditions before plugging in your buttons, banners and badges.

Thank You and Happy Surfing!

Conditions for adding links or logos

You certify that all the pages of your site are in conformity with the various applicable laws in your hosting country.

You are conscious that we don't accept any website that is:

- diffusing bad, blasphematory or defamatory remarks.
- with illegal, racist, xenophobe content or incentive with the murder or suicide.
- promote or assist hacking.
- making promotion or assistance with the procuration of drugs or medications of which the sale, or the promotion are prohibited, or whose consumption requires a regulation.
- promotes illegal activities or attack statutory duties of the other people.
- making the sale or promotion of copies or imitations of high-class products.


- Sensual, sexual, erotical content or adult oriented sites are allowed except for sites that include rape or violence and minors used as models or derogatory to minors.
- Sites with pop-ups are allowed, except for those that has 2 or more, and launches a javascript that requires user input.
- Auto-played music on sites are regulated depending on volume. Any site using audio/video without an on/off switch will be removed.

The Banner Girl ™ reserves the right to refuse any site which would not follow the policy of the service. The URLs are checked regularly.

If you think your site does not violate any of the above and was removed, please read our Rules of Removal.