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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rules of Removal

All sites linked here are free of charge. Contact me to purchase a permanent place.

Manual Removal:

- No site will be manually removed here without prior notice.
- Any site found violating our Rules and Conditions will be given a warning through the published email on their site or through comments (for blogs) to give ample time for any change on the design or content.
- After a week without change or reply from the owner, the site will be removed from all the links found here.

Automatic Removal:

- All plugs stay in position and only step off once the plug board is full and a new link is added.
- You will first start out listed at the top of the Plug board and will gradually slide down every time a site is pushed off the Plug Board by a new logo or banner.

Request for Removal:

- If you found your link or logo used here, that should be directed to your site, if it doesn't, please feel free to contact me.
- I surf everyday and find buttons, badges and banners in random. But I only place them here if I like the site or the design of the logo and if the site publishes a "link to me" or "grab this" with the code.
- If you wish your link to be removed here, or if you placed a link by mistake, please Contact Me [mouse over to see my email]

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